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Workington Priorities

  • You said: Anti Social Behaviour in Workington Town Centre
    Issue was set on Thursday, January 12
    • We did : Tackling anti social behaviour in Workington Town Centre We will deal with this through proactive community policing, high visibility patrols, enforcement action and multi-agency operations as part of our on-going strategy.
    • 8/11/2016 Officers continue to patrol the area around Murray Road and the back lanes tackling anti social behavior. Officers are working with the Town council / Allerdale Borough council, Rotary Club and local businesses seeking a gate order at the rear of Argos where youths congregate.
    • From November until Christmas a PCSO led operation took place utilising new dispersal powers to tackle youth ASB. Which saw a huge reduction in youths coming to the Town Centre and as a consequence a lower number of reported incidents to the police.
    • Long term options are progressing through a multi-agency platform.
    • 23/3/17 - Consultation is currently taking place with the public regarding the installation of the gates which closes on 12th April 2017, an executive meeting will then take place at Allerdale House for a final decision. All replies are extremely welcome and any outstanding consultation forms should be submitted by the end date.
    • youths are now reported to be climbing onto roofs of shop premises and Police are actively working with Town Centre Manager and Allerdale to resolve the issues.
    • 13/07/17 Multi agency work conducted for crime prevention initiatives in town centre to restrict access to the youths, no reports have been received since this work was completed. Further long term options are currently being explored by the police in conjunction with Allerdale Borough Council.
    • W/C 11/9/17 PSPO application was approved at Allerdale Executive meeting. Gates will now be installed at either end of Murray Road back lane leading from Argos to Subway and will reduce incidents of Crime and ASB occurring at this location during the evenings.
    • 16/03/18 Consultation for the gates supported the initiative and work is in progress for the production of the gates, estimated date at present is the end of April 2018 (this could be subject to change).
    • 16/03/18 Ongoing high visibility patrols in the town centre consisting of pro-active team and PCSO's. Multi agency meetings have taken place to try and combat the problem and this will continue.
  • Workington Town night-time economy linked anti-social behaviour
    Issue was set on Wednesday, March 21
    • Over the last six months there has been a steady increase in the amount of alcohol related anti-social behaviour that has been reported in the town centre area's of Wilson Street, Portland Street, Portland Square and Market Place.
    • The type of reported incidents include criminal damage, outraging public decency, drug abuse and public order offences to name a few. Police responded to theses issues in numerous ways. The first action was to conduct streetsafe surveys with residents in the area, this resulted in two anti-social behaviour risk assessments being carried out on persons affected by the continued anti-social behaviour.
    • 16/01/2018 a residents meeting was held.
    • A multi-agency meeting was held at Allerdale Hub.
    • A patrol strategy was organised on the evening of the 27/01/2018, this consisted of the pro-active team, allerdale hub officers, southern task-force team, drugs dog and handler, plain clothes and high visibility police officers. This operation detected four individuals being found in possession of a controlled drug and subsequently interviews were held at the Police Station. A number of dispersal orders were issued to disperse problem individuals from the area
    • 29/01/2018 - A responsible authority partnership (RAP) meeting was held with the licensees who are acutely aware of the issue and are keen to resolve this and are working with the local licensing Officer.
    • An estate walkabout was conducted by the Crime Prevention Officer and Neighbourhood Policing Team officers to discuss the possibility of installation of crime prevention measures
    • There is continued weekly liaison between the town centre PCSO and the residents in the area to obtain current feedback and to offer reassurance the community.
    • A further residents meeting is being organised for next month (April).

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