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Posted on 12:39:00 on 14th November 2017

Prison: Fairclough

A woman has been sent to prison  in connection with the death of her 91-year-old grandmother.


Jaqueline Fairclough, 43, formerly of Pennine Way, Eccleston, Preston, was handed 3 years behind bars today (November 14th) at Carlisle Crown Court after she previously pleaded guilty to the manslaughter by gross negligence of Maude White.


Maude White was found dead in the caravan she owned at Wyndham Caravan Park, Cockermouth, on May 27th 2016.


A post mortem found that she died as a result of generalised neglect and multiple sores.


Each year Maude White would travel to the caravan park with Jacqueline Fairclough, from their home in the Preston area.  They would remain there for several months.


Fairclough was responsible for the care of her grandmother and received a carer’s allowance.


In a police interview she denied knowing that her grandmother was in serious need of medical attention, and said that the sores must have appeared on the day of her death. Medical experts have stated that the sores would have appeared over a considerable amount of time.


She claimed that Mrs White had a ‘clean and healthy lifestyle’ and that she washed, fed and changed her grandmother on a daily basis.


Detective Constable Ruth Pickering said: "This is a tragic case in which Maude White suffered significant injuries as a result of neglect and poor personal care, and which ultimately lead to her death.

"During the police investigation Fairclough denied any wrongdoing and claimed to have cared for her grandmother in the best way possible.

"It was clear that Mrs White was in need of urgent medical attention which she did not receive. I am happy now that Fairclough has admitted responsibility for the lack of care she provided and my thoughts go out to Maude White’s family who have had to deal with the loss of their loved one in such terrible circumstances."

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