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Posted on 22:28:00 on 4th December 2017

Officers receiving their commendations.

Two detectives who investigated non-recent sexual abuse have received a Chief Constable’s Commendation after their work saw the offender receive a life-sentence at court.

Detective Constable Beverlee Davidson and Detective Constable Cheryl Skelton investigated offences committed by Penrith man Arthur Warwick.
The offences were committed against a number of children and Detectives Davidson and Skelton were able to undertake a thorough and professional investigation, whilst also supporting the victims of Warwick’s offences and their families.

Detective Chief Inspector David Pattinson said: “The efforts of the two officers – alongside the bravery of the victims who came forward to report these crimes – ensured that a significant sentence was achieved which will ensure a dangerous and predatory individual is away from our community for a long time.

“Not only that but I also believe such strong sentencing from the courts sends out a strong message to the public – you will be listened to, your reports will be investigated and we will seek to bring people to justice.

“Both detectives should be rightly proud of their actions."

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