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Below, you can find links to a number of Cumbria Police officers and departments who are active on social media. This list is always being added to as other Officers and Staff sign up the various networks.

Our Corporate Accounts






Linked In


Specialised Department Twitter accounts

Specials - @CumbriaSpecials
Cumbria Roads Policing - @CumbriaRoadsPol
Cumbria Police Dog Unit - @policedogunit
Community Safety Department - @Cumbria_Com_Saf
Cumbria Diversity - @PoliceEquality
CumbriaMHCop - @CumbriaMHCop
Cumbria Prevent - @CumbriaPrevent
Cumbria Police Carlisle United - @CumPolcCUFC 

Police Dog accounts


Insta dogs

Twitter dog handlers:


To follow all of Cumbria Police's Twitter accounts subscribe to our Twitter List:

Neighbourhood Policing Teams Twitter Accounts

Allerdale Police - @Allerdalepolice
Barrow - @barrowpolice
Carlisle - @Carlislepolice
Copeland - @CopelandPolice
Eden - @EdenPolice
Kendal and Lakes - @Kendal_Lakespol
Ulverston and Furness - @ulvpolice

Individual Officer Twitter Accounts

MS website @CumbriaChief
Chief Constable Michelle Skeer

MarkWebster @DCCCumbria 
Deputy Chief Constable Mark Webster

Chief Superintendent Andy Towler

SJ @Sarahjacko1
Superintendent People Department - Sarah Jackson

North Superintendent Justin Bibby

MattKen @OpsSupt
Superintendent - Cumbria Vision 25 - Matt Kennerly

Kim Brennand @CumbriaPSGInsp
People Support Group Inspector - Kim Brennand

Mike_O @InspOHagan 
Inspector Mike O'Hagan

Rupert_twitter @SgtRJohnston
Sergeant Rupert Johnston