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Firearms Licensing 

The Firearms Licensing Unit are experiencing backlogs of work, particularly in respect of the grant and renewal of firearm and shotgun certificates.

Whilst we are working to reduce these we would ask for your patience and also request you only make calls to the Unit if essential.  This website has been updated to provide additional information for all areas of Firearms Licensing to assist you.

If you are applying for the renewal of certificates we would advise you to acquire ammunition prior to submitting your application, thereby not leaving you in a position where you cannot shoot.  Temporary permits will be issued to allow you to continue to use your firearms and shotguns until such time as you in possession of your renewed firearm and/or shotgun certificate.

If you think you may require a variation to your firearm certificate but are considering waiting until your firearm certificate is due for renewal we would recommend you make a variation application rather than waiting.  If you do not have an urgent requirement for a particular firearm you may wait until you make your renewal application.

To avoid delays in processing your application please ensure your application form is fully completed and any relevant supporting information provided.  Listed below are common issues which can be avoided:

  • Photograph not signed by the applicant
  • Cheque not signed
  • Payee incorrect on cheque – This should be “The PCC For Cumbria”
  • Incorrect application form – out of date – Please check this website for the correct form
  • Application form not signed and declaration section not completed
  • Incomplete questions – Please read the supporting notes and complete all questions relevant to your application
  • No previous address if moved within 5 years - All previous addresses in the last 5 years must be provided
  • Referees – Not always 2 referees when applying for a firearm certificate

If you have any firearms or ammunition that you do not wish to keep, you can hand them into your local Police station free of charge. More information click here

Applying for Firearms

forms2 Click here: to download firearm and shotgun application forms

fee2 Click here: for fees applicable to grants or renewals from 6th April 2015 

help2 Click here: for firearms information and guidance


Contact the Firearms Licensing department:


Firearms Licensing Unit         
Police Headquarters         
Carleton Hall         
CA10 2AU 

In Person: Follow signs at Carleton Hall, Mon–Fri 08:30–16:30 

If you have any firearms or ammunition that you do not wish to keep, you can hand them into your local Police station free of charge. More information click here

Please contact us from the above channels in the first instance and if you have issues getting the response you need then contact us by:

Fax: 0330 124 0977

Tel: 0330 124 0941 (voicemail out of office hours)